No Smoking Day

4 hours away from a full day

Thanks to everyone for all the advise and support. It really has helped. Just getting through my 2nd massive craving, once again I very nearly went to the shop. MY DEMONS SAID IT WOULD BE OKAY TO HAVE ONE FAG AND THEN JUST STOP AGAIN TOMORROW!! Thats one of the most popular taunts from them DEMONS !!

Other than snapping my boyfriends head off and nearly crying over it (I feel realy emotional - is this normal ?). I feel as though for the first time in ages i am going to be going to bed not having smoked a single cigarette !!!

4 hours to go to the day. And i cant stop this obsession with counting the hours :-(:o

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Hello EBTG

I know its probably been a really long day, and counting the hours is a nightmare, What you need to do is try and relax, and just say to yourself i'm not going to have a fag in the next hour......

You must really try hard not to take it out on people around you as thats not fair, walk away or go into another room to calm down, or if you do snap-make sure you apologise!!!

The first three days are the hardest but it does get easier i promise you that, i have stopped for 5 1/2 months now, and i never thought i could do it, but because it gets easier, stopping smoking isnt that bad!!

Stay focused, learn to laugh at your craves rather than feeling sorry for your self and you will get there

A great big cyber hug sent your way, treat yourself to a nice hot bubbly bath and enjoy the nice new clean smelling you!!!


It ios perfectly normal to be emotional but I promise it will get easier You obviously recognise the demons for what they are

As Shabba says take it hour by hour it does make it better apoligise if you hurt someone they will underststand if you do but are not mind readers after all

The first few days are the worst after that it will be better I have been quit 31/2 months so you see it must improve or an awful lot of us wouldn't have done it

Good Luck



(I feel realy emotional - is this normal ?)

I cried like a baby more than once..... curled up on the floor. It made me feel better........ You are doing something GREAT but you may forget while being miserable so keep reading and posting on here! Great job making it through the day!!!!!!!!!!!


Instead of letting myself get upset, I took it out on others lol, not sure if that's a male/female thing, but anyway.

Does your boyfriend smoke? If so, did you discuss quitting together? If not, maybe you could spend a couple of days away from him so you can have some 'alone time' to concentrate on stopping smoking.

Try and think of the reasons you really want to quit, write them down, you'll find there are loads, all of them valid different reasons.

On the other side, anytime you 'think' you need a smoke, write down the reason why. You'll find it'll be the same lousy excuses 'I'm bored' 'I'm stressed' 'I'm tired' 'I just feel like it'

Then you'll see how pathetic it is too smoke, all this time you've just done it without thinking, it's about time you started thinking about yourself and your health.

Good luck on the next attempt!


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