My main reason

18+ years of smoking.... more than 20 a day.... and I felt withdrawals ALL THE TIME. During times of stress especially.... felt trapped and in my head screaming 'I need a smoke'.............. there is many, many reasons why I stopped smoking but this is the main reason for me. If I have to suffer so even while smoking, why not go through slight hell for a few weeks/months and get it over with and FEEL NORMAL. Yup.... guess that is the other main reason - want to feel normal. I don't need to mention the other obvious but since I am going on and on..... my child, smelling good, not coughing 200times when on the phone, did I mention smelling good (I'm a girl after all), health, money............FREEDOM. Good luck to all of you out there..... I can't say it often enough how glad I feel I am not alone in this.... it seems to make a huge difference for me this time around........

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  • Hi Bellablue :)

    You are doing really well with your quit and what a good post

    You should keep those reasons in firmly in your head, even write them down for future reference if or when you have a really bad day as it will help you to focus on why you quit

    All the Best


  • What a great reason - something I'd not really thought of

    Sounds like you're doing well so far but good luck anyway

    clio x

  • Hi Bellablue - yes it's the freedom that is the most rewarding thing for me at the moment.

    I now relish the moments when my hubby has to go out for a smoke when we are in a restaurant because he can't get through the evening without a smoke. I can't believe that I used to be like that.

    The freedom of not having to worry about 'have I got enough money for a pack of fags?' is another benefit.

    Enjoy your freedom and have a read though other people's reasons - they are enough to inspire anyone when you need a little reminder!

  • Well done Bell a very good post. It is a lovely feeling not to be controled by a little white strck. xxxxxxxxx

  • Thank you, guys!! :)

  • Great post Bella :D

    Freedom is a great thing- and quitting gives us freedom from those cigs ruling our lives, and making us waste time by nipping out for a smoke, and worrying when we can fit the next one in!

    Lovely positive message :) :)

  • my kids and the FREEDOM FROM THE ADDICTION


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