No Smoking Day

day five for me

Hi all,,,,,

today will be 5 days without a cig....

I was a heavy smoker , about 30-40 per day , I am 48 and realised that I had to stop now because the smoking was now causing me bad breathing problems.

The worst time was in the morning when I woke up, I was coughing and wheezing,and out of breath, and I still had to have that cig....

I feel fantastic now and its only been 5 days, my breathing has improved, my food seems to taste better, my cloths dont smell of cigs.And my smokers cough has completley gone.......

I know I will never ever smoke a cig again no matter what happens in my life.

There are times when I feel really tired , and after I have eaten I feel the urge for a cig, but that feeling goes after 5 mins.

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Thats fantastic kickkick! You have great determination, and postitive too, well done you-nearly a week whoop whoop!!:)


Well done kickkick. I'm 25 and have smoked since I was 9. You being 48 I have no idea how long you've smoked for but the longer you keep a habit, the harder it is to break, I know that, as smoking is all I've ever known since I was a kid. Stopping makes you have to experience everything in life again, like it's all new.

It's a great feeling, you're now reaping the more obvious rewards but day by day this thing you've done for yourself will keep on giving whether you notice it or not.

More things you will notice:

Limitless energy compared to your old self, a normal appetite, a normal routine, more time in the day, more confidence, more money to spend, you will smell better, people will like you more (they won't have told you they didn't like you before, but once you get your smell back and smell a smokers' breath/clothes, you will see what I'm talking about),

a renewed desire in taking care of yourself, when you smoke you tend to just think sod it, or anything you do do is counter-acted by the smoking after, your skin will look cleaner, fresher. . . .

These are just the things you will be able to notice, the repair going on inside your body will be amazing too. Your breathing, your blood, your heart rate, your ability to think clearly.

Well done! Remind yourself everyday how proud you are for doing it. If there are ever times you look at someone else smoking and feel jealous, remind yourself of the above gifts that you have given back to yourself and think just for a second about just 5 good things that that cigarette is doing for that person, you'll find that there are none and if you had the guts to go up and speak to that person, he will probably tell you he'd give up if he could. You have done it already, never look back. :)


Hi Kickkick :D

Welcome to the forum and well done on 5 days quit

Glad you feel so well it is amazing how quickly we begin to feel better and everthing looks, tastes and smells nicer

Feeling tired is something most of us complain about my theory is that we need more sleep in order for our bodies to start recovering from the years of abuse we have given them

Good Luck



2 weeks today

Today is 2 weeks without a cig and I feel great...

Its getting much easier as each day passes, I have worked out that I have saved £126 in just 2 weeks of no smoking...Amazing.....

I used to smoke 30 per day, I used a patch for the first day and then went cold turkey, My breathing has improved and I dont wheez anymore, my smokers cough has clothes and mouth dont stink anymore...I dont get so tired and out of breath, and all this after just 2 weeks....!!:)

I know how difficult it is to stop, I had tried a few times before and failed but this time I know I have done it...

Most smokers are scared to stop because they feel they cannot face daily life without a cig,they cannot face the thought of having a coffee without a cig. or a meal without a cig, or driving in the car without a cig, or anything they do in their life that requires them to smoke.

But all they have to do is go through their weekly routine without smoking for just one or two weeks and then they will realise that they can live without the cigs.....

The last 2 weeks I have not changed my lifstyle I have done exactly the same things that I done when I was a smoker, I still had my tea and coffee, I still done all the things I done before but without the cigs.Some people advise to stay away from things that might make you smoke, but I did not do that because I thought I am going to have to face these situations at some point in the future.


Well done KK

you sound so up beat congrats to you. Your doing fab.xxxxx


Hi KickKick

Well done to you.

I am 2 weeks tomorrow and everything you have mentioned I too have experienced.

Isn't it great... :D




Hi K K :D

2 weeks already how time flies you are doing really well you sound very upbeat already finding out the benefits of not smoking onwards and upwards



1 month today

1 month today and I feel great....

I now find it very easy....some days I dont even think about smoking, but one day last week I really felt like a cig, but I toid myself to hang on for a 5 mins and the craving will stop...and it did....

Started with one patch for the first day and then went cold turkey..

saved £240 so far.....


Hi Kickkick :D

I month already that's fantastic well done Congratulations

I am so pleased that you're finding it easy




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