can we have a garden thread

is it possibil to have a garden thread all through the summer ,,,it would be just like a smoking thread,were we give tips and advice,only this will be on all types of gardening,growing your own veg,,,flowers,,,etc etc ,it would take our minds off smoking,plus it will keep us busy all through,the summer

in my green house i have sowed veg from seeds,and are just started to push true the soil

runner baens




spring onions



all herbs mixed

i will have veg right true the summer ,,freeze Quite a lot,,its just an idea,,what do you lot think of it ,,im not to bad at gardening,but i have a good go , its can be hard work at times,,and most rewarding when you can pick your own veg straight from the ground and straight,on to the table,,all the best tony lol

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  • Hi Tony

    I'm game for a garden thread! i'm abit of a novice but last year i grew:

    tomatos, cucumbers,beetroots,radish,rocket potatos,runner beans and chillis.

    numerous herbs

    I was unsuccessful in : cauliflowers and lettuce!!!

    I am aiming to grow the same-but have been advised to rotate the planting-is this right?

    Oh also is it too early to give the grass its first cut?

  • hi shabba68,yes you should rotate your crop,,cucumbers,, make sure you get the self pollen ones,,,much to early to cut the grass,,shabba i am only a novice,but i love to potter round the garden,i get great satisfaction from a good days work,,a good crop of runner beans will last you right true the summer,,plant early peas and late peas again all true the summer,,i plant 8 caoliflowers,,then 8 more in two weeks,and so on ,,you will have a good crop for most of the summer,,do the same with most of my veg,,lol tony

  • Hi Tony :D

    Brilliant idea I would have to grow in pots or tubs but have one of those small plastic greenhouses that you are supposed to raise seeds in used it for toms a couple of years ago used to grow all my own with hubby years ago when had huge garden but never veg in tubs etc

    Love Marg

  • hi marg:D

    you can grow quite a lot in tubs

    tomatoes,,,cucumbers,,,herbs,,,,spring onion,,,you can try different veg,,give it a try marg you might suprize your self,,all the best tony lol keep:D:D

  • Hi Tony

    Might try wigwamming some runner beans see how they do and toms+ cues for starters

    Have some spuds that have sprouted might try them what do you think

    Love Marg

    Still smiling :D :D :D

  • give it a go marg,,just off shopping speak yo you soon tony :D:D

  • Hi All you Gardeners

    I want to plant some ground cover in my flower beds to cut down on weeding as unable to much in garden at present I would love some heather but don't know if it would grow as my garden is almost pure clay do any of you know and if not what could I put in instead any ideas welcome don't really want annuals to much expense every year

    Thanks in advance

    Love Margxx

  • Ground cover

    Margaret, Periwinkle is a good ground cover, it's evergreen, and produces blue flowers. You can get a large and small leaf variety and also a variegated. Quite fast growing.

  • Hi Lozza :D

    Thank you so much I have heard of it but didn't know you could get a ground cover one although have seen the one that climbs

    I think that will look great with my pink hardy geranium also evergreen and ground cover so will get some of that for starters soon have those weeds on the run my garden will look good yet went to rack and ruin last year plenty of gardeners around here but they cost around £20/25 an hour and that's the cheap ones



  • Hi Marge, you can get heathers that grow on calcarius (chalky) soil. Try a garden centre, they should be able to advise. If not what abuout some dwarf lavender, it looks a bit heather like?

    Great idea about the garden thread..I grow lots of veg & the last few evenings the garden has taken my mind off cigs!! + this year I'll be able to taste what I've grown!!:D

  • Hi Alan :D

    Thanks for the advice about lavender will try some of that as well as periwinkle but my garden is pure clay not chalk so heathers won't grow here which was my first thought



  • Sorry Marge , I'm not paying attention!! Clay!The worlds your lobster then. Slap some lime & compost on it & there's loads of plants to choose from!

    Most of our native woodland plants like clay soils. (clay is neutrient rich but wont release them untill lime is added). So you've got to do a bit of work, but it will be worth it:)


  • Hi Alan :D

    Thanks shall have to get some lime and get someone to dig it in for me if I can't do it myself



  • Hi all,

    Does anyone else on here keep chickens (I think Austin does??)?

    Just wondering what are the best shrubs to plant that the little buggers won't want to eat. (I prefer them to free range in the garden rather than be cooped up.) I am hoping to get a veg patch going but fully intend to fence that off from them.

    From a grass-less, flower-less chicken keeper:eek:


  • Hi Bernie :D

    Don't keep chickens now but I used to years ago and agree free range is best

    don't know of anything they won't eat but have you thought of fencing in the chickens instead just build a fairly big pen with netting and wood, then move it around the garden to where it needs weeding saves a job as well, that's what I did with mine with the added benefit that they still weren't cooped but were under control, hope this helps



  • Margaret

    Tried putting them in a large pen during the day and then letting them free range for a couple of hours. Little devils got used to running free so that when they are in the enclosure they cluck and squawk for England til I get fed up and just let them out:eek:

    Talk about spoiled or what!!! Looks like I may have to put up with the clucking for a few days maybe until they realise who's boss. Yes you've guessed it - they are:D:D:D


  • Hi Bernie :D

    Oh dear they sound just like spoiled kids to me but am sure you can win this one if you try really hard after all you won the smoking war so am sure this should be easy peasy for you HA HA



  • Margaret

    HA HA I am sure that I will come up with something over the summer, either that or wait for BB to post me some good roast chicken recipes:eek:

    Only joking of course. Wouldn't be without my darlings Maud. Mabel and Moppie.


  • Bernie :D

    Oh dear they even have names I never went that far with mine am sure you'll think of something if not am sure B B will have a suggestion or at least a typical B B type of sarcasm


  • Hi Bernie, we've got chickens, but to keep them roaming round the garden is a nightmare, they destroy anything in their path with their scratching (great if you want to clear the borders though).

    We've got ours in a greenhouse with the glass removed and covered in chicken-wire (aptly named). There's a shed butted up to it for them to go in at night. Had them for years and the eggs are lovely. We have foxes around buy they've never managed to get it yet.

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