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Day 23 Cold Turkey

I feel sad, tired and I can't sleep, feel like I am getting a cold first thing in the morning but it clears as the day wears on.

I have been reading the forums since I started and they have been a great help.

Please can any one tell me when the feeling great will kick in.

I expected to feel like poo, but thought I might have a bit more go in me by now.

Cravings not to bad now tho so that is a plus.

I have smoked 20 per day since I was 13 am now 57.

Smoked my last fag on 4th February 2009

I will never smoke again.

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Hello Eileen and welcome

Unfortunately there is no magic date!! It's just a gradual realisation that you do feel better - if only for the fact that you're no longer a smoker!

I do remember that I went through bad patches in threes - the third day, the third week and the third month

Please keep posting - everyone on here has the same goal - to stop smoking and stay stopped. Any minute now one of the forum members will post some useful links for you to read.

Keep at it - you won't regret it!!



Hi Eileen

Following P P's advice/comment 2 very useful links coming right up to help you and I find them very useful and there are lots more in the signatures of posts just click on them

Well done on your quit to date great also as P P says there is no set rule for this or indeed any part of your quit as we are all different so are our quits

The feel good bit will gradually sneak in until you wake up one morning and realise Hey I Feel Great Just Hang in there

Good Luck




I'm only day 15 so just like you I am waiting for that magic day..... I realize it might come in magic moments first though...... and they'll add up :) When I feel down I turn up the music..... even if I'm not in the mood.... a lot of times I find a good song and bang...... a magic moment :-) Hang in there!!!


Hi Eileen,

Sorry you are not feeling too good hope you feel better soon.

It's good that you are having few craves.


Morning All, Day 24

Many thanks for your encouragement, survived yesterday. I find it interesting how other people say you have these lows long after stopping.

I think I feel more positive so today's got to be better.

I will turn the music up.

Heads Up and :) the best is yet to come.

Best Wishes Eileen


Hi Eileen :D

So glad you feel better this morning and more positive you are doing really well and will soon be counting in months WOW how good is that

I think most of us still have the odd low day now and then I haven't had one for a while touch wood [my head]

Keep going onwards and upwards

Best wishes



23rd day

hi all day 23 toay quit the 8th feb felt a bit down yesterday .then i av too

keep tellin myself how many days ive 1st attempt at quittin using inhalator .


gl everyone too


Hi Lorraine :D

Well done on day 23 you are doing really well sorry you felt low yesterday

Read as much as you can here are 2 very good sites which I find helpful and

Good Luck



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