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Week 2 wow i am doing well

Day 8.

I can't believe i am onto my second week already i really can't. It weird how time passes when you are not craving. but i am doing well. Many people have been talking about having bad dreams i got them the last time i quit but this time it is totally different i think that every time you try to quit it is always easier and less dreamy than the last time. I am proud of my self for quitting, And i would never go back to smoking it really stinks. Now when i see my friends smoking i just want to snap them up they are so harmful and it is such a bad habit. I just hope alot more people decide to stop smoking. Thanks for the support, Today hasbeen a good day no craving just got up feeling refreshed,

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DAY 8! Thats terrific! Yes, I had to wait in a car for a friend who was 20 mins late today. Normally I would have smoked myself silly. Did not even realise until my friend turned up that I had not even considered smoking! It does get easier, but I still make sure I go back over and over again to the links some guys have on the bottom of their posts, and post on here, just to reinforce it. Shall look forward to day 9s post! xx


Hi Becca

Well done you in 2nd week already you are doing just great keep it up



Well done hun week two. Good for you.xxxx


Yes you are doing well!!! well done you! really pleased for you and you sound really positive thats great xxx


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