No Smoking Day

Week 1

Hello everyone well i thought i would do a review today of the full week. I have been successful but there is one question i need to know. I have 1 weeks supply of 21mg patches does anyone know when i should go onto a lower patch? Also i am so happy that this week has been easy the first few days were the hardest and i have over come it. The craving have gone for me today and i feel like a new person. I feel like i can now focus on the future more and i can now say i am an ex smoker. People say it is hard but it isn't it is something that can be done even if you don't want to quit. I did not want to quit i enjoyed smoking but now i think how did i enjoy it all it did was make my health poorer and made me stink. I am glad i have quit and my will power is stronger than ever. I have received the best support from my mam and my family and my fiance and people on here. I am also enjoying walking places when i smoked i could not be bothered but now the energy is flowing for me. And it is because of will power and support, I just want to say thanks for all help i have received. I am so proud and i hope more and more people can stop. You can achieve anything if you put your mind and heart into it. x

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Super post, well done! :)


Glad to see you here again! The actual NRT says something like 6 weeks on 21mg. I did two weeks. Then hopped on to 14 mg as I am actually now of the idea that they are more of a hinderance than a help! They are now being cut in half and intend to discard Monday totally. Yes, to anyone not liking NRT as a method, I am still addicted, else they would be gone once i'd made the decision to get rid of them! Whatever it takes though, I say. Good on you for doing so well. I am enjoying following your posts. Keep reading and keep posting! xx


Ms Watson :eek:

It's great to read that you're having a good time.

There have been plenty of quitters here who have started their quits using NRT. FionaCox said she eventually ended up cutting the 14's in half. Others have also trimmed their patches to match what they felt they needed whilst weaning themselves off.

It's important that you recognise that at each step down in strength and/or size of patch you may feel the craves coming back. You'll be fine in your quit because you've got a positive attitude about it :cool:



hi RW,,congrats on week one :) never used patches so dont know much about them,you are doing reel well,,just keep the faith tony keep:D:D


Hi Becca

1 whole week that's wonderful you are doing really well sorry know next to nothing about patches only time I used them many years ago smoked over them {naughty girl} so cannot help you with this

Glad you have the support of your family

Love Marg xx :D :D


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