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Emergancy help/advice needed


Need help badly :(

I've been hitting the bottle since I stopped smoking. Not really badly but when I have a BAD DAY like today I tend to turn to drink to help. I know this is bad and not a direction i want to take. Ive been on and off the patches and have now seen how badly addicted to nicotine I have been. Today I tore the patch off and was very close to lighting a honeyrose non nicotine cig. I didnt actually light the thing as I wasnt sure if it would ruin my quit as I havnt smokjed anything for nearly 7 heres the big question...... Do I keep with the nicotine..(patches ect) and not smoke or do I smoke honeyrose and loose the nicotine patches???

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Hi. Thankyou so much for the reply. I think you're right, stick with the patches and wean off those. I didnt light the honeyrose but I was soooo close !!! Best get rid of the habit of that first.

The drink thing is not really a problem, I've never had a problem with drink but dont want to go down that road !!!!!!! I have turned to it today though and can see how dangerous that could potentiolally be.

I ad the honeyrose in my mouth and the lighter in my hand!! glad I didnt light it though!!!!

STILL nearly 7 weeks without smoking :) :) :)


hehehe thanks for the link !!!! excellent post. cheered me up. Defietly dont want to go down the drink route either!! need to be very careful about that!!!

I think its all getting a bit much for me to be honest. I am living on my own for the first time of my life, I havnt got my "crouch" the ciggy to help me and I'm missing "something" like crazy. Is it the act of smoking, the nicotine or just the fact I'm really lonely being on my own??? I really dont know!!

I am pleased I have this forum however. So thankyou for the support :)


Hi James

Well done on nearly 7 weeks quit sorry you hit a bit of a rough patch but

theres always some on here who can help

goog luck


Thanks Margareth,

Guess I need to just suck it up (excuse the punn) and live with it.

Its just a bad day, I'll get over it. I'm glad I didnt light up that honeyrose ciggy. I know its not a proper cig but would have still smoked however I looked at it.


well no title just a thought

hi james

been through my own war lately and smoked 3 ciggies on saturday and that was after being smoke free for nearly 3 months.

i had a fixation on smoking and my mind would not let go.

fag fag fag thats all i could think off, and yep bought a packet and smoked 3 in the space of about 8 hours.

i was working on my computer and i looked at my quit meter saying 2 months and 2 weeks not smoked and i thought why the hell could i have cave in so easy.

and quick as a flash the craving died away and not smoked a puff since.

i think you must deal with this quit in the way that seems right for you .... some people will drink and some people will eat but in truth its your mindset that makes the battle big or small.

seems an easy thing to say but its not easy when you are walking around a room at 3 in the morning and giving yourself reasons to smoke.. ( personal experience ) but reading does help and so does walking / hitting walls / watching coranation street..... not.

best of luck mate




Thanks guys, of course your're completely right. I'll just stick on a couple of movies and ride it out. Thanks for your kind support.. it really is appreciated :)


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