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finaly week 3 is here :)


2 weeks have gone and im now in a new section of this forum

when i first started there was always a small dought i wouldnt make it this far and people i told were lets just say not very encouraging, but i proved myself and those people wrong, i couldnt be happier, i treated myself last night to some boxing gloves and punch bag, helps take stress away :D , im very proud of myself even though i was extatic in a previous thread about getting to the 100 hour mark, this makes it seem a bit pointless really. but im shore i will be saying the same thing about this thread once i make the year :cool: cheers!

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Well done sourlink, keep it going.

Well done you, you are doing really great-free from the stinking unsociable repulsive cancer sticks-feels good doesnt it?

once again well done you:D

Well done s'link, we're proud of you too! It'll be one whole month before long :)

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