One Full Month tomorrow yay!!

Had to post tonight as not sure if i will get on tomorrow.

Well i find it very hard to believe that a month has come around already, out of the 31 days i have not smoked i have had a total of 4 bad days, so not bad averages really. I havent smoked 930 ciggys oh my goodness that is a lot :eek: and saved myself £207.82.

Will see what month 2 has in store for me :eek: Has to get easier dont it??

If i can do this then anyone can, i was such a huge lover of ciggys, i would be out in all weather puffing away, colleagues at work are so shocked at my success to date that they are also going to give quitting a try.

Would never of got here if it was not for the continuous support and advise from you all.

Thanks everyone :)



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  • we done sweet pea.... I think its 50 days for me tomorrow :)

  • Thank you Vicki

    That is a great achievement 50 days, Well done hun. Go you!!!



  • well done you!!!!

    you are doing really great

    feelsgood doesnt it? welcome to freedom from the dreadful weed :p

  • Well done babe counting in months already the time as gone so fast. CONGRATS xxxxxxxx

  • Top Banana! - you have got to be VERY proud now that you are into 'months'! well chuffed for you. xxx

  • :D Way to go Denise, Keep it up.


  • Very well done Denise a wonderful acheivement onwards and upwards

    love margaretxxxxxx:D

  • Denise - That's fantastic. Remember never to let your guard down, but it reall looks like you are on the right track!

    Vicki - The half century!! How cool is that, brilliant!

  • I cant believe it!!!!!!

    See you in Month 1 xxx

  • Well done Denise. Feels good doesn't it. I'm just entering my fourth week. Had some bad times but I'm buzzing now!!

  • Denise and everyone. A huge well done. I've completed 4 weeks today and am well chuffed. I don't think I could have run around in the snow a month ago.

  • Fantastic Denise!

    A whole month - and wow, how much money have you saved? That's brilliant.

    You have been such an inspiration on here - I'm sure you'll continue to be.

    My 'lunaversary' is on Wednesday.

    I feel so much better now I've quit - it's been all worth it hasn't it?!

  • Well done fellow monkey team mate!! That's brilliant...1 month! I was looking at my quit counter earlier today and visualised the amount of cigarettes I hadn't smoked, it felt good.....go on, you do it....imagine 930 cigarettes....that is a lot...930...that is a big pile of ciggies...:eek:wow, and you haven't smoked them! Keep going and well done again Denise! (I'm not far behind you!) :)

  • Well done Denise you are doing brilliant.:D

    Im on day 22 still on the: zyban and starting to feel like a non smoker.:cool:

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