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day 11, still smiling

hi folks.

got to day 11 and to be honest ive not struggled at all over the last 3 or 4 days, im still using the inhalator but only one capsule a day.

The best thing thats happened in the last few days is when i wake up my first thought is not ciggies, its a great feeling.

I was really worried about going back to work,I thought the young boys i work with were going to push me back to the ciggies, but they have been really supportive plus now i can be a proper role model, when i used to lecture them about smoking and saying things like " you dont want to end up like me etc etc ", now hopefully they may just listen, I doubt it but hay its worth a shot.

I know its a long fight but I feel like im winning round 1 and all I can see is victory. I even feel that I can help out newbies on here, I will always promote positive thinking, I have to use it in my work and its helped me no end with my quit, the mind is such a powerful thing that i believe you can achieve nearly anything with positive thoughts. Thanks again to all of you for getting me through the first few days your help has, and will be, in the future appreciated

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Hi Billy

Great news hun and more so that you sound so positive about your ditching of the ciggys.

I totally agree with you with regards to the positive thinking, i do believe that you can achieve a sucessful quit by hitting it with a positive attitude, re-education and support.

Hopefully the young lads at your work will see how easily you have quit and may follow your foot steps, we can hope.

Well done, watch the weeks fly by now :)




Well done Billy

With your positive attitude you are sure to succeed


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