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No Smoking Day
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Week 3 here I come!

Well I made it, going to plunge myself into week 3 tomorrow. Yesterday was a b*tch, but there you go. The cigs are still nearly always on my mind, but I don't have that panicky feeling with it, or the wanting to scream/cry today. Not getting the urges in the mornings now, which is good, I always used to have my 1st around 9ish, after the kids had gone to school, and before walking the dog, then another one around 11ish after walking the dog. Those two times up to a couple of days ago have been a bit odd, but it's all the readjustment isn't it. Walking up the hills in the park are better though, no rattles in the throat or getting out of breath, so seeing these improvements makes a serious difference, really spurs you on.

Realised that every day I am going to encounter numerous situations where I would normally have lit up a cig. You can't freak at them all can you:eek:

End of week two, I am really chuffed. Well done me and well done everyone on this forum, you are fab and I really don't think I would have done this without you and your support. It's not easy sometimes trying to explain how you're feeling, but it seems much easier to write them down and then you find out there's always someone else in the same boat as you.

Here's to a fab weekend and a few glasses of wine. Cheers:)

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Cheers to you (although mines a guiness )

well done you! i found certain times odd aswell!!! felt like a little lost soul!

you are doing fabulous!:D


Hi Lozza

Have a great weekend hun, you have done so well getting to 3 weeks :)

Remember that each difficult situation you get through will make you stronger.

Well done





You are doing really well :D

It will get easier as you go on {Honest injun} and as Denise says every time you beat a difficult situation it will become a little easier


Oh by the way mines a large white wine

love margaretxxxxxxxx


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