No Smoking Day

when does it end

i have been doing fine for a while now, positive and motivated for my quit, but this morning i wroke up with a strange thought in my head.

when does it all end:

1. when will all the flem and mucus stop

2. when will i actually go a hour without thinking about a smoke

3. when will i know when im completely free

4. when do i come of the lozengers

5. when will i stop coughing all the time

6. when will my motivational level rise again

all these questions really not need answering from any1 really. its just im in that mood were all these questions are making me scared that il be suffering for months, therefor the big question comes to mind is it really worth giving up for the feeling of emptyness. im up to day 14 today and i do believe im over the worst but it is stil there and i dont want it any more.

but the truth is this is just a weak moment in my attemp im just a bit panicky. all i wanted was to get that of my chest.

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I am starting to think that there is something called the Day 14 blues because meatnveg posted a very similar message to you about having tough time of it -on day 14!

You have spent 2 whole weeks fighting the nico-demons now and I bet your resolve wears thin sometimes (I know mine does!), but stick with it. You are over the hardest!


It does get better. It's so gradual that you won't really notice, it's wierd.

One day you will go to bed in the evening, and it will suddenly dawn on you.... "I haven't thought about it at all today.... until now".

Then you will probably have a rough day or 2 and think it's all a big waste of time again!

But again, a good few days or even weeks will pass without hardly a thought.

The biggest problem is that speaking to people who have been quit years, you realise that there are still moments when the automatic response to a given situation is to smoke. You always have to be ready to choose not to.

My take on it is pretty simple. I smoked for 22 years out of 34. My life has revolved around smoking for all of my adult life and most of my adolescence (sp?). I can tell myself all I like that I don't smoke, and by practicing not smoking everyday I can now get through 90% of situations without even thinking about it.... but the things that I don't do often can still surprise me. That percentage is creeping up and the more I practice not smoking the closer to 100% it gets.

As for your specific questions...

1. That usually stops within the first couple of weeks - mine stopped during week 3 if I remember rightly.

2. That varies hugely, but I would think it won't be long for you... you seem to be doing great.

3. You will never be "free" as you will always be an addict. As close as you can get will be to be certain you will never smoke again... you will know when.

4. When it feels right for you.

5. Normally this clears up within a few weeks, but it can drag on. It's your body clearing the cr*p out. And it is a very good thing.

6. I don't know. Mine fluctuated wildly for the first couple of months depending on whether I was having a good or bad day.

Stick with it, it does get easier and it is SO worth it that I can't explain. You will find out though... just keep doing what you're doing.... cos it's working!



You are doing great it gets easier little by little and seems to vary from person to person I have been quit almost 3 months and look at it like this

If i was an alcoholic I couldn't have just one drink so as a

Nicotine addict I can't have just one Fag

All the best



Hi Sourlink

I can only agree with what others have said, especially Stuarts post, but as to the answers i can not tell you as im still going through a lot of them still myself, however i rarely think about ciggys now until the evening and thats because its wind down time so i have time to sit and think.

Stuart is absolutely right, it is so weird, i went from thinking about them a good part of the day which drove me nuts to almost not at all and i dont know when it happened just i know it has.

It seems that alot of people have a rough time about now, but things do get better really soon, just hang in there hun.

You have got through the hardest part now:)

Good luck and hope tomorrow is a better day for you




Hi sourlink

thanks for the add on face book by the way xx

hey-it does get better babes, you are bound to feel like this for a little while -you have suddenly stopped something that you used to do 10, 20 times aday

so it does create a hole in your life for awhile!!!

im close to 5 months now and as stu said, you go through days where you stop thinking about it -it is great and you will be in that position very very soon xxx


If your still with us sourlink and I hope you are btw. How you feeling now your on day 23. let us know mate.xxxxxxxxx


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