7 days - No Smoke! Anyone fancy being my quitting buddy?


Good news - I''ve now gone 7 days without smoking. I was out this wknd aswell and thought I'd crack when I had a beer but I stayed strong.

I've been getting a lot of advice and moral support from the members at mymission2.com. They have also posted lots of useful links to stop smoking books and websites. Check out:


Speak soon ;0)

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  • Hi Chris

    well done on quitting!! and 7 days is great work.

  • Hi Chris, welcome to the forum. Well done on going 7 days and particularly while having a beer! Thanks for the link, chilly has some good ones in the sig there too (http://www.ffsonline.org/ is a great one).

    You should join Team Monkey Bar-Stewards, get yourself a couple of quitting buddies :P

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