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Gosh - I remember registering here about 1 year ago as I made the decision to quit and was about to start taking Champix. Where does the time go?! Where are my quit buddies?

This site was a god send - distracting me from many smoking thoughts (the oldies may remember the dramas - lol)

So this is just a short message to tell anyone browsing or about to quit or in the early stages that it is possible even if it does not feel like it at times. There is so much good advice here, in the archive and from your fellow quitters. It is always nice to know that someone is sharing what you are going through. Take the opportunity to sign up!

I'll be back to put my name down in the penthouse later this month ;)

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hi Cat!!

long time no see!

yep, almost a year............bloody hell .........time flies eh?!

dont really post now, move on and all that! not many of us oldies do post now.

im still in touch with some though.

see you in a couple of weeks to celebrate! maybe some old friends might pop in too :D


Thanks for posting this. It is really encouraging to hear from successful non-smokers. I am on Day 5 of cold turkey and so far I feel fine about it.

BUT i do sometimes think of the long term and I can't imagine still being a non-smoker in a year's time - probably because of my many failed attempts in the past. So thanks for the encouragement and I hope you keep strong!

Remember that NOW QUIT FOR GOOD in your signature.

Not one puff.............You quit for 4 years and started back ?

hi catmagpie..well done to you congrats ...im 2 months 2 days and feel good..,,jerry lee you are doing sooooooo good..you keep the faith tony

Hi Dubbs - yes it does say Now quit for good in my signature but I think I need reminding of it so I can believe it!!

And yes - I did quit for 4 years - didn't smoke one until I split up with my long-term partner. He hated smoking so when he dumped me I thought 'right I'm free to do anything I want to - I think I'll have a fag - that'll show him!' That was it - that one fag - before the week was up I had bought a pack of 20 and the rest is history.

Here I am 10 years on going through it all again but for the last time!

I think the only reason I have some doubts is because I do feel a bit of a loss at the moment and I can't imagine putting up with this feeling for a long time. I know it will get better though because it is just a habit that I am missing. I just need to re-educate my mind so it is no longer a habit!

Thanks for your and Tony's support!

jerry lee..you are more than wellcome...jerry you are a very strong person..you done it once..and you can do it again..put the past behind you..,you know we are all here for you,,be strong girl..chin up.. chest out..best foot forward..lol you just keep the faith tony

Cheers Tony - you are right - I have gone through this before - and quite successfully really! I have really learnt from it that even after 4 years, you cannot just 'have the odd smoke occasionally'.

This time I have quit for good!

And Tony - have a little faith!!;)

i have lots of faith,,jerry lee,for us all;);)..lol not one more puff


Welcome I dont think I have posted to you but have read some of your posts. I was just thinking at least by having quit for 4 years you know there is an end to quitting and you come out the other side. Well done anyway. Linda xxxx

Thanks Linda!

The thing is, when I last quit for 4 years it was a long time ago (14 years!) so I have trouble remembering the experience!

Also, then I was with a non-smoking boyfriend who really encouraged me to give up. Then I met my husband while I was smoking, he also smokes. So now I have given up the fags but my husband still smokes. He is quite supportive of me but I also know that he likes me as his smoking buddy as well as his wife!

So I know this time I will be faced with a few more challenges but with the help of this forum, I know I can get through them and enjoy my freedom from the evil baccy!

Well I wish you luck. My partner smokes but since I been quitting he has tryed also so maybe your husband will follow you if he can see you doing well. xxxx


Don't say things like that unless you mean it - we might just take you up on your offer!!!

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