No Smoking Day

one day of 7 weeks

hi im just 1 day of 7 weeks,,how good is that,keep saying, time has gone so quick,last few days were not to bad,,i refuse to lose,,the wife is not to sure about given up smoking,wont forch her,,shame:( i still think about fags,,but not in the way i used to..the only people why craves for ever,are people why dont quit keep the faith all the best tony

happy new year to one and all

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hi tony well done keep going

are your craving still bad???? iam on day 25 and sometimes they are still bad

janet xxxxx


well done tony, keep it up mate!


jan sometimes they are bad,,when you get a crave ,drink a full pint of water ,,it works for me,also a crave wiil go weather you smoke or not,,be strong girl,,keep the faith all the best tony


Well done 7 weeks your doing fab the time is flying. sorry your wife is not quitting now never mind. maybe she could give it a try a few days after new years day. If she only lasts a few hours she has lost nothing and she may shock herself. Happy new year to you both anyway. xxxxx


It is early days for us yet, But things will improve with each day. Even now if you think about it its not as bad as say day 3/4/5 So things are already much better. keep strong babe it will be worth it. xxxxx


7 weeks doesn't seem possible... that's gone so quick!

Well done though, Tony - you're doing superbly well.

Don't worry about your wife, she will see how much better off you are - and hopefully that will convince her to do it.

Don't try and persuade her - just encourage when the decision is made.

Well done again.


hi tony

well done 7 weeks i am on week 6 so only just behind you and still think form time to time a fag would be nice but am not going to give in everyone on here is very helpful also as linda and stuart said don't worry about your wife she will give up when she is ready as i did and no doubt as you did

love margaret


Well done Tony-7 weeks is going some.

I'm the same with thinking about smoking-I find myself surprised when the thought of having a cigarette pops into my head now-I'm so used to being a non-smoker it shocks me to even think about lighting up! Weird!

I do realise though that this could make me complacent and that the addiction will always be there-I have simply chosen not to feed it anymore. Like you, my spouse still smokes so there are always cigarettes and lighters in easy reach-just need to be extra vigilant and make sure I don't end up 'smoking by accident!'.

Have a good (smoke free) NYE mate and all the best for 2009.


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