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10 Smokers Wanted to test new Quit method Free of Charge


I am just in the stages of completing a self help, home study, Quit

Smoking course. I have worked on this for over two years now and

tested it with friends and family with great success. Now I would like

to test the course with people who dont know me, in order to obtain

impartial, unbiassed feedback.

The course consists of a 142 page home study guide, 2 hypnosis audio

tracks on mp3, An introductory video and 20 Reminder cards. Also the

course recommends the use of prescription medicines and provides a

sample letter to use in order to obtain these from your doctor.

This is a commercial venture as once the course has been tested by a

wider audience and I have received feedback and adjusted the course to

it's optimum effectiveness I will be selling copies to the public.

If anyone would be prepared to be part of my initial public trial then

please send me an email explaining how long you have been a smoker,

how many you smoke per day and which methods you have tried in the

past. In return for helping me to test this and provding feedback, you

get to keep all the course materials, you get to help improve the

course and so help others and you never know, it might just help you

to quit smoking!

Many thanks



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Thanks for your responses

Hi Bible and Chester,

Thank you for your responses.

Bible - "bring it on!" :) It would be great to see what effect the course has on your tough nut. If she is interested in giving it a try then I would certainly be interested in trying to help. By all means ask her to drop me an email - if you go to there are some samples from the course and an email address to contact me on.

Chester - absolutely! It's only been a week and whilst there is no recommendation in the course to not smoke while you do it there is no need to smoke either! It would certainly be a useful perspective for me to have yoru opinion. Likewse go to the site an drop me an email.




10 smokers wanted

I'll pass it on, though I suspect reluctance - don't expect a response before New Year's Day ! - how does she get a free trial if she just contacts you via your website ?

Hi Jim,

Yes I understand - just pass it on and see how she feels. If she drops me an email via my web site that will be fine, I would initially like to have a chat with her on the phone and then I will send over the material.




It might be late and I might be p*ssed - but I've read that, word for word, somewhere else very recently - maybe on woofmang.

Plagiarism ?

Was quite impressed with your site up until I read that.

If you're going to pinch something then at least give credit where it's due

Hi Again Jim,

I have to say, I am not surprised that similar things have been written, as this is a general principal rather than anything new and unique. However I promise you that everything I have written is out of my head rather than off someone elses page! I originally published that particular article in December 2007 during early research for this project, on a number of boards so you never know it might be one of those that you read?

I really am genuinely trying to help people here, rather than simply make a profit and am an honest and moral person who believes that there is enough trouble in this world without knowingly adding to it so I would always credit sources where anyone elses material had been used.

I would of course be very interested to read the article you refer to, if you happen to come across it please do let me have the URL.




Ah yes that is me....

Hi Jim,

Thanks for taking the time to look up the source web site. I can confirm that it was my trial web site that I was using during the production phase of the course.

No problem about having had a few at this time of year, I hope you have a few more tonight and see 2009 in with style :)

All the best for the new year



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