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1 month

Hi all, Im now offically into 1 month!

Just popped on today, just in case you were thinking id fallen off the wagon and thats why ive not been on here much latey. well im pleased to say i havent.

the reason for me not being around is, i was i9n an accident on boxing day and been in hosp. have badly broken wrist and arm on right. was let out yest but gota go back in tomow to see if i need pins or plates put in.

sorry for typos but it a nitemare to type this up.

hope you all had nice xmas. happy new year to you all

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Well done for a month and I hope you get better soon. At least it should stop you "talking" on here so much ;)


Get well soon....


Sorry to hear about your mishap Babe. good luck for tomorrow Must be hard work with the little ones. Also very well done on your first month. xxxxx


well done you,,sorry to hear about your accident.hope you get better very soon..happy new year,,,keep the faith tony


Sorry to hear about the accident but good news on the month!!




well its been 6 weeks for me now, so i guess im coming up to the length of time i actually started smoking agin for.

just in case you thought my absence was due to falling off the wagon, it wasnt, as feared needed op on hand, so been in hosp for a week and now a proud owner of a bionic titianium plated arm, cant wait to see what it does (transform????) once the bandages come off.

arm wrestle anyone??

ps. no complaints about typos its a pain typing with my left hand ok


The metal bits don't do anything special except make you ache when it's cold and damp.

Trust me, a good proportion of my lower legs, most of my feet and some of my left hip and lower back are metal - not to mention a small plate in my jaw and a pin or 2 in my right arm.

I don't run faster or anything :(

And before anyone asks, no - I do not set off metal detectors at airports.

Oh yea - glad you're doing well :)

I hope the arm feels better soon... the one advantage with metal bits is that they hurt when you hit someone with them ;)


wow the stress of breaking your arm must have been hard work while you are giving up... well done for sticking with it.

Go Go Gadget arm:)


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