No Smoking Day

day 23

Hi Day 23 and still going. Still thinking about that cig but try and put it at the back of my mind. I wish i can stop thinking about that cig. I go on this forum every day and read all you stories and that gives me support so thank you to all!!!

New year will be very hard cause my sister and husband both smoke (like chimneys) also there will be drinking involved but iam sure my kids will keep a eye on me so i dont fall off!!!!!

Thank you all again and happy new year



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Well done so far! Anyone in the early stages over Christmas and New Year has my utmost respect. I don't know how I would do at this time of over indulgence if I was still in the first month.

So, very well done to you! I am sure you will be fine - if you can do Christmas, you can do New Year!



thank you for all your support. i am sure i will be ok




HI JANET .YOU ARE DOING VERY GOOD.keep up the good work..also this will be my 1st xmas and nye smoke free for 6weeks 3days.5hours..and jan it feels so looking forward to the new year..befour you know it it will be 24days..then 25 26 etc etc.. you girl just keep the faith..all the best tony


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