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19 months!

Hi gang just wanted to stop by and report that i'm up to 19 months and going strong. I do sometimes see someone light a cigarette and think to myself how i'd like one but it's only a fleeting thought and as soon as I smell it I am repulsed.

It's certain that I will never smoke again and I hope you are all going well with your own quits. This site was instrumental in my quit and although I didn't post much the posts by others were extremely helpful.

Merry Christmas to you all! :)

(I think i'm the only aussie on this forum lol)

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Well done - 19 months is awesome!


Well done and congrats.xxxxx


Well done Rob,19 months is awsome.......:D


Good for you x

well done you!!! im right behind ya , i have to say this forum was a great outlet for me, and i still love coming on here, what a saddo!! on NYE as well. Oh well it keeps me off the streets lol



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