omg....i am amazed

with myself.....

tonight was my first night out on the drink without cigarettes...and i actually ENJOYED the night out!!!!! :D :D :D

il admit i did like the smell of the fresh cigarettes my friends were smoking. it was tough being the only EX smoker of the group but there was one other never-a-smoker so that was somewhat of a comfort when we were stood outside freezing whilst everyone esle smoked

all the same, as nice as it smelt to me, i am SOOOO glad i wasnt tempted :D

iv told my hubby what an acheivement tonight was for me, but being a never smoker, although hes pleased, he doesnt quite get what an acheivement it was

sorry if im rambling - iv had a few

bottles that is LOL

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  • Well done, you have now passed the alcofrol test!!:D

  • Well done I waited 8 months to tackle that one.:D

  • Well done you,

    Its a good feeling to know that you can deal with that one. I'd recommend more practice though, plenty more nights out :D

  • Facing known triggers and beating them is so rewarding isn't it?

    Congratulations LD... that's one more you never have to worry about again :D

  • Silly hubby no understand - but we do! :D

    Well done! :D

  • Well done LD

    Hope your heads not to bad this morning. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Well done ld

    I've got first night out yet to come - I would not have chosen to leave it this long but illness has forced the timing.

    I have my work Christmas night out on the 12th which will be my first....:eek:

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