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Day 5


Well day five today and its friday thank God. Not a great sleeper at the best of times but just lately its much worse was on facebook 230 this morning. Mad i know. Just finished school till 330 and off now to do two house cleaning jobs. One thing tho felt really low last night but a wee bit better this morning Hope i dont start getting down think thats what adds to my caves. Partner is quitting monday hopfully so must stay strong. Have a fab day all. Linda xxxxxx

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Hi Linda,

You are doing great, I know the downs are a pain try to think nice thoughts, the scan perhaps and they will pass.

Hang on in there


hi linda...hang in there you can do it,,, repeat after me..are you listeing,,i said repeat after me ,..i will never smoke again,.. and again:D:D just keep the faith tony,..i still cant here you linda ..keep repeating

Thanks Boys

Home for an hour before I go back to school. ITS FRIDAY THANK GOD HEHE. My Grand daughters over tonight so really looking forward to that. Well untill she starts nagging HEHE. Rains gone and the sun has come out in swansea so a nice afternoon. how you all doing? .xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Well done Linda - you know the drill ;)

Just keep doing it :D

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