No Smoking Day

Ive looked forward to this!

One Month Today !

and already looking forward to becomming worthy of posting a message on 'month 2' (that will be just before Christmas day for me). It hasnt been easy but it hasn't been too difficult either. Im focused and really belive i have smoked my last. After so long it is a great feeling to be free although i am wary that the crave can strike at any time so im not too complacent.... by the way this website / forum has helped very much and i would stress to anyone reading who is in the early days / weeks that if you get that feeling just log on and read for a few minutes and the crave will pass...

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Its an awesome feeling to be counting in months isn't it, very well done!!


well done you ...........its great isnt it ! i used to count the days, now i count the weeks......soon i,ll be counting the months and then finally the years !!:p.......though know that i cant be too complacent :rolleyes:


Well Done!!

You should be proud:D


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