No Smoking Day

day 10 - feelin great!!

Hey guys,

That's me on day 10 :eek: time flies when ur havin fun eh? I must admit, it has been much easier these past few days. The first week was quite bad but once that was over I'm feeling fine.

Not really been thinking bout fags - been too busy lol.

Me and the missus are goin away this weekend to Dunkeld, just outside where I live, so that will be good :)


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Well done, sounds like you're doing great.

Have a great weekend!


Darn it Stuart beat me to 1st post!:D:p:D

Well done my former teamie, keep up the excellent work and have a fantastic weekend.




well done!!! hope you have a nice weekend x


Well done, you're doing great! Hope you enjoy the weekend!


How was the weekend buddy, hope everything went well.

Should be week 3 about now shouldn't it?


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