No Smoking Day

Its a drug addiction

I have no reason to smoke aside from the fact that I am addicted to a drug promoted by government and business for their own benefit and financial gain.

My addiction is killing me as sure as a heroin overdose my own expense..for the benefit of other people who dont care about my welfare, my childrens and family's.

My addiction is the same addiction that killed my grandfather and father, and I refuse to let the same murdering gits that profited from their death, take further financial gain from my death as well.

I have no reason to stop smoking... I simply cant see any reason TO smoke.. only the people who profit from it try to fool me that I need a reason to free myself, only the people who benefit from my death (including the government) fool me it is virtually impossible to give up without serious pain and anguish...

I have no reason to stop... there is NO reason to smoke...

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Your post says it all.



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