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You have removed the link I had left behind, there was no need to to do this your self

I sent you a reply to your Pm regarding the moderation

I will remind you again that links to pictures of an adult nature and comments such as you put regarding lesbians could be seen as a racist comment and will be removed

I would now ask you to not continue this argument


You cant accuse people of making such

comments then just closing the article before they have a chance to reply.

There was absolutely no racist comments in my article in any shape or form all it was was a cartoon pack of cigs with a caption "How to get a lesbian to stop smoking" If you looked close at them the tip was shaped like a penis.It was just a copy and paste and I did say under it that viewers discretion was required.As for it being adult material is the legal age for purchasing cigs not 18 these days plus i doubt we would get kids in here.

You were heavy handed and you made it sound far worse than it really was with your comments.

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  • Phil

    I will be passing this thread onto NSD

    Your comments are not acceptable

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