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Day 5 feeling ok


Hi everyone

I'd like to firstly say reading your posts on the forum has really helped.

This is my 5th day today without smoking.

Have been smoking for 8-9 years, went to the doc for a check up and was told thursday last week my blood pressure was high and you guessed it because i was still smoking.

So decided enough is enough im giving up.

Have never in all of my life had high blood pressure so really scared me to be honest.

Went back yesterday and week later and its started to come down already.

Hoping it will return to normal very soon.

Ive been using nicotine patches and they have helped, cravings are still driving me mad though.

Ive never seen my flat so clean, have also laid the carpet in the living room and been out exerising every evening this week for an hour after work.

Anyway thats my introduction out of the way.

Im glad to know where all in the same boat and you will be hearing from me again.

Over and out for now

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Very well done on day 5 - a great acheivement. The cravings will probably start to become fewer and less intense soon, so thats something to look forward to!

The advice and support on here is incredible, I hope you use it.

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Hi and welcome,

Glade to see another person doing so well.

Glad to see the blood pressure is normalising and I suspect that the exercise will be helping there too.

All the best


well done on reaching day 5.

If you have been reading for a few days you will know that one of the best things to do is read as much as you can about quitting so i wont tell you to do that:D

Good luck

well done

great achivment, mine also is fifth day., this time we have to hit hard so this habit never comes back again.


Well done Sleeper and Claire how you boyh doing today. Almost one week over things get much easyer then. xxxxx

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