No Smoking Day

Into Month 4 and all's well :-)

Hello fellow quitters. Greetings from afar. Still quit and into the 4th month. Dont think I'll go back to the fags now. Pretty stressful lately and not easy when a lot of people around me smoke - they tell me its the stress :-) Not getting much sleep but hanging on in there - the locals keep making loud bangs :-). Morale not too hihgh at the moment so need some cheering up. :-( Hope all my month 4 mates are doin OK. Hang on in there Maria S - your doin great. Liam

2 Replies

Well done mate, it cant be easy.

Quitting aside you and your colleagues have my utmost respect and admiration for the job you are doing.

All the best



well done mate my thoughts are with you all. linda xxxxx


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