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day 6

Im nearly at the end of day six and have to say ive suprised myself.Lots of stress in my family at the moment and i admit to nearly caving this morning, but i didnt and im glad.

The best way i handle stuff is to laugh my way through it, thats what i did this morning when i had the fag in my hand, looking at it.Yeah it thought it had beat me, but i suprised it, i wont be handling a cigarette again.

Im ready for the 7s, bringggggggg ittttttt onnnnnnnnnn :D

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Well done laurasmum,

Its one thing to resist but turning back when you've got a fag in the hand must have been an effort.

Personally I would try to avoid having temptation so close, if the cig is yours chuck it and any others away and if it belongs to a friend or relative tell them not to give you any more!

You've nearly got a week under your belt, which is fantastic.

Keep up the good work.



Hi Nic, it was my own stupid fault, i had a crap morning at work and had my tea break outside with my buddy so i could moan. Then i started to moan about wanting a fag, i wasnt actually asking, but she offered ( nicodemon mind games) When she passed it to me, i looked at it and thought hmmmmm, i could have one, then i started laughing and handed it back.

It didnt take me more than a few to think and then decline.When i think of what i have had to go through in the past 6 days,i dont want to go back through that again and there is no way i can let my 2 girls down now.

I dont have any cigarettes in the house and remarkably, i even had a couple of hours this afternoon, when i didnt even think about cigarettes! Mind you, i was on Ebay :D Is there a site to help me with my shoe shopping fetish?


hehe, some lovely things! ;) seriously though major achievement to complete week one (i'll be there in a few hours!!!) and even more so having turned down that cig!!!! by the way i think as women it is our duty and responsibility to embrace the world of footwear and we deserve to indulge now more than ever what with all that cash we are saving!!!!! also it helps the economy during the credit crunch!.....bring on the shoes!!!!!!!! :D xx


pffft, women!


Both of you are doing great, but do try not to go bankrupt in the process :D

I'm off to buy shares in shoe companies.....


Check out this ladies;


They are chocolate and shoes all in one!:rolleyes:


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