No Smoking Day

Loony Lunar Month coming to a close!

So, tonight at 11:30 will see the completion of 4 weeks - which apparently is a lunar month. What a 4 weeks it has been but I reach the other of it a healther and prouder person.

I took the patch off on Friday night at 11:30pm and by tomorrow morning - I will be nicotine free in my body - that is a lovely thought. I am thinking that the month on the patches will have helped me ease the physicological barrier - whilst by tomorrow - the physical withdrawal should be coming to an end. It hasn't been easy coming off the patches and probably was a slightly mad thing to do - but its worth it knowing that the drug will be out of my body.

Hope everyone is good and thanks to everyone for their advise!

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yay way to go chris :D patchless hey thats great , you are doing fantastic , keep it up

Tracey x


Good going Chris

Way to go Team '78

Having done the coming off NRT thing myself recently I know how satisfying it is to know that there is no nicotine in your system.

From here in its a case of getting used to being a non-smoker, and staying strong.

All the best



Just some advice/observations for Chris and all other new quitters - when all of us quit smoking, of course we are all going to notice that something is missing. Occasionally some people go into a stage of 'mourning' their old friend the cigarette, but just know that the psychological barrier is just that - in the mind. The past six months have been flabbergasting for me... just today i met my sister at her place of work for coffee, she went outside for a smoke and i stood with her and then headed back to my own office. Only halfway back to my own office did i even realise what had happened. I stood there completely as a non-smoker. A total shock to the system. I couldn't even fully recall her having a cigarette in her hand - only because i was recalling a conversation in my head did i even take it on board. Now THAT is a successful quit.

So just be reminded and let me reinforce - this too shall pass. And i hope it's as quick for everyone else as it was for me. ;):D


Wow Chris, you have my admiration and congratulations. You sound really confident and happy in your quit wtg!:D


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