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I had a puff!!!


Cant beleive it! 1 full month and 10days and i had 1 puff of a cigarette!! Urghhh!! I am soo angry with myself but everyone was smoking around me and i caved into the urge and asked for a puff and i did it!!How stupid am I??!! It tasted disgusting and the thought of doing it again makes me feel sick- is this a good thing? Will I ever get over the craving when im out and drinking? Sorry for the rant but I am soooo pissed off with myself!!

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So sorry hun

Oh no what a shame, you must be soo pi$$ed off with yourself. I suppose there are 2 routes you could go with this one, either spiral back down into being a smoker by slowly justifying smoking for certain days of the week, times of day...etc or use it as a testimony as to how dangerous and adictive it is. I am sure that you are going to do the right thing so just let it propell you forward.

Good luck.




Hi Emmsey

Dont beat yourself up to much But do make sure it dose not happen again or you will be heading right back to the ciggs. I know just started a new quit after just over 8 months. Linda xxxx


OK, you had a puff but you recognised the danger. Don't dwell on it or stay angry with yourself too long it won't change anything. What's done is done.

Make that puff the kiss goodbye, and keep to the program. Having the odd puff here and there is what has caused every previous quit of mine to fail, its not worth it.

And yes you will, eventually, not think about smoking when you are having a night out.




Thank you all!

Thank you for you all for your words of support and your right i shouldnt dwell on it too much,after all that just defeats the object and to keep thinking about ciggies is not good! x


awww thats a shame ! That old devil NIC otine caught you off guard,was just 1 puff. dont dwell on it :D you now know you WONT do it again,cos it was disgusting ...........YES ! gotta say tho,i used to worry about that situation ...........drinking & miss a cig :p i used be the same, i have a drink np probs now, CIGS r the last thing on my mind........ stick in there, BEST of luck ya :) well done for the time you have been smoke free


Hi :) try not to beat yourself up too much, at the end of the day you are only human and none of us is perfect!!! so you made a mistake, you realised its a mistake, you don't want to do it forgive yourself and move on :D should be easier soon anyway, winters coming and who wants to stand outside the pub when its peeing it down, minus 5 and blowing a force ten gale???? i'd much rather be inside next to the fire;) xx


:) well says Helen, so true,best thing ever done,was the anti smoke in public places, just a shame you gotta walk by the smokers in the pub door ways etc ! cough cough :mad: but hail rain or snow, smokers will go for there FIX


hi Emm...

hope you've forgiven yourself by now;)

you know it tasted awful and probably made you feel ill...remember that if you ever feel tempted again... I caved on last quit and that first cig was awful...after just 5 I'm 3 days off six months...

can't deny there are still times when I want to smoke but I just remember that day and how I felt...and how much worse it would be now...

stay strong, soon you;ll be out and about oblivious of the smokers...

good luck...



Feeling better today

Well Im feeling much better today than i did yesterday - I feel much more positive after reading your replies and although Im apprehensive about another evening out on Friday I know I can do this as I will be in the majority group of friends that dont smoke as opposed to the ones that do and will be stuck outside smoking!! (cant believe im thinking about it already!- i cant help it!!):D -


Ask your non smoking friends to keep you in check.


Few succeed on the first time! Do u think so?


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