No Smoking Day

Day 6...interesting

Ok had a craving from hell yesterday whilst out shopping, if it weren't for my lovely and very understanding other half i really think i would have cracked!!! he took me to my favorite shop and after spending nearly all my money on very pretty things i felt better but it lasted ages and i wanted to cry, my lung was giving me agony last night and i ended up taking neurofen (which i NEVER do unless i can't stand the pain) however i feel much better today, i feel a bit more free...not sure why, i guess i just figure if i got through yesterday i can get through anything, so its all good and both me and my wardrobe are all the better for it!!!!!!!! :D

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Some days are bad some are good the longer you go on the fewer bad and more good there are.

I'd keep an eye on the lung trouble but after years of abuse it may just be the healing process starting that you can feel. BTW I thought its was only blokes that didn't take painkillers unless they lost an arm or something. :D

Glad today is better for you and you are right that every time you conquer a sever craving or tricky situation it shows you that you can and are succeeding.


Well done Helen Babe

I too had a bad day yesterday bit better today but not full on if you know what I mean. But has nic said as time gose on you get more good days than bad and of coure they get much easyer. Stay strong my friend Brand new week soon. xxxx


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