No Smoking Day
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Im still with you all,

Hi everyone.

Just to let you know im still with you all. and still Quit, been hard this last

week. had things going on in work. almost gave-in but here i am with you all.

and feel really good that i never went and got some cigs. came near to .....

been looking in to see how you all are doing. you will do it jimbo. took me

8 tryed before i got this far. we are all with you mate.:D

let me know how everyone is doing. nice to hear from you all :)

take care all. be back later

Alan ;)

Quit Date. 12/3/08

5 month. 2 weeks. 4 days. 17 hours

cigs 6,011

money saved. 1,607.94p

life saved. 2 week. 6 days. 20 hours. 55 mins

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Dont let your guard Alan,you made it this far with all the problems of life.

You will do it...Congrats on your quit and your not smoking....


Well done Alan

Great to hear you've resisted and are still with us.

I'm a long way behind, but walking the road.




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