No Smoking Day

Day 2 & Ive put a patch on! Am I a cheat???

Ok dudes, I have put a patch on this afternoon. To lose the innitial desires! I had about 4 stage 2 patches in the cupboard, and I KNOW its the chicken way out at the moment, but they aren't the full strength ones, and I DID smoke about 30 a day (these are for people that smoke 10 or less) I am thinking I would use these 4 until they run out, monday morning, then I will be on day 5 & not want to go back anyway!

Whattya think? I dont want to use patches for the next 3 months! Thats why I haven't started off on that route. Has anyone else used NRT for the first few days then been succesful using nothing?


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What ever gets you through is IMHO fine.

So long as its not sticking a bundle of burning leaves between your lips that is!

I am using NRT and am doing great on it.

Hang on in there,



Hi Betty, i,ve been using the patches for 3 weeks now and have,nt smoked at all in that time,they do help with the cravings i,m using the full strength,i would,nt class it as cheating,i was using the inhalator for a while and found that it felt like i was still smoking so that had to go as i felt like i could,nt drop the desire to smoke if you know what i mean ,goodluck with your quit shaz


Whatever is best for you, if it helps then go for it.

Good luck, stay strong.



I bought some patches and put them away just in case early in my quit I needed them......Theres nothing wrong with that......I still have my patches.

Good going on your quit..:)


Hi Betty i cant see any problems with useing patches to help you get through a few tough days,i have used patches before and found them very helpfull quit smoking aid.The only problem is if you stop them after just a few days it's going to be like quitting from begining again,so may be a good idea reduce your patches slowly ie cutting last few in half.Best of luck wih your quit.


I have been quit for 1 Week, 5 Days, 12 hours, 41 minutes and 38 seconds (12 days). I have saved £93.95 by not smoking 375 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day, 7 hours and 15 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 16/08/2008 22:00


Hi Betty

You read your book yet?

Nothing wrong with using patches, like the others say whatever gets you through.

However the book is a permanant patch;):)

Good luck


Yup!! I agree with everything everyone here has said! I myself did the same sort of thing, I found cold turkey a bit much, so I purchased some patches (full strength) although I wasn't enthused with the idea of now purchasing patches for three months... the patches helped, I used them for a week or two and then decieded to go cold turkey... I'm not sure if it helped or if it was mental, but I'm sure the process of using the patches to get me over a) the habit of smoking and b) the excess other chemicals in ciggerettes over the first week, made it easier to just drop the nicotine a week later :)

'Cheat' as much as you like within reason, just don't smoke! :p


You've not smoked so you're not a cheat!

Whatever it takes.....just don't smoke, you are doing great! ;)


Cheers folks. Well I haven't put another patch on today, so far so good. Will see how I get on. Tomorrow will be a challenge. An outdoor festival in the park, with lot of alcohol!

Stay strong!



hi betty

i havent smoked for 14 months, i used champix to get me through the first 3 months. I couldnt have done it without that, it really helped me to get through the tough bit. Do you think i cheated??????? well if you do, i dont care, i made it past the year stage. i still have moment , but they are moments eg i have just come back from spain and there were a few times i could have easily had a cig but i didnt. So i still consider myself as 'giving up'

anwyay back to you, its the fact that you haven't had a cig that counts, not how u did it!!!!!!!!!!

well done and keep it up x


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