No Smoking Day

Understanding what will happen to your body. Option a

I quit smoking on thursday night and today I failed and smoked cause I didnt understood what my body was going through physicly. Mentally I was fine and I had managed the cravings pretty good but what was goign on with my system after 10 years of smoking shocked me, the main reason i lighted up the cig was I couldnt go to the bathroom i had constipation and I had just gone through a diet were i lost 4 pounds so i was scared to gain them back. Now a few tips so u dont fail for the physical shock as i did, understand what will happen as it happened to me:

1. You wont need as many hours of sleep as you used to. While smoking your whole body your whole system is in an ILL state, Just like when u have the flu you feel tierd and without desire to do anything but rest. Your body, while on cigarrettes, feels sick and you do need more hours of rest to be able to cope with all the toxines you are getting into your body. Once you quit you body isnt sure how to react casue you are not ill anymore it is feeling better and therefore you need less hours of sleep as your body revitalizes faster.

2. You will need excersise. The whole damage that smoking does to your body translates in an overall rollercoaster making your body in general work faster and therefore consume more energy in trying to remove the toxines in your bloodstream. Once you quit you will feel hyper and have this extra energy that is not being consumed in your body trying to remove the toxines but rather just settles in your system so you have all this extra energy that you dont know what to do with it. To consume this energy and get better sleep hours you need to start doing excersise, take a walk, run or simple sit ups for 30 minutes at least. remember you are an ex-smoker so dont push yourself too hard, take it easy and increase day by day your amount of excersise.

3. Can't go to the bathroom? Smoking causes your intestines to work faster as it accelerates the natural movement, of course after 10 years of smoking your stomach doesnt know what natuarl movements are so maybe you wont be able to go to the bathroom ina couple of days and that is a trauma for most of us. Take magnesium milk for this it is a laxative also found in stores as Dulcolax, the magensium milk causes your insestines to wokr faster just as cigarrettes do except this wont harm you (if you have kidney disease do not do this or any other stomach illness, if this is the case try: Gerber Prune, natural prunes, prune juice, coffee or green tea). Of this aid to make your stomach work isnt permanent as this constipation wont last long.. your stomach just needs to get used to being normal , so it is okay to lend it a hand and help it so you can feel better and make all the process a nice ride.

4. Find a hobbie Smoking withdrawal is tough and along with feeling all this extra enegry in the first days and soo much things better to come you will also feel anxious, so try to find a hobbie ro somehting you love doing more than anything this will help you keep your mind relax and in serenity giving you less times of the cravings or a chance to even think of them.

5. Cough, sneeze and Spit We all have real tiny hairs inside our lungs that natuarily move, this hairs stop moving in smokers lungs causing all the bad stuff to get trapped in our lungs and not being able to clean them how theya re suppoes to. When you stop smoking (and this si ahead from the first few days or 2 weeks) your hairs will start recovering that natural movement little by little as they dont know where to move they crash together sometimes making you cough, this si good as it will helo you clean your lungs so dont worry if you are coughing up it doesnt mean you damaged your lungs so bad that u have this ugly cough it just means your lungs are cleaning up, if u want to spit the cough go ahead and spit it out you might also find yourself sneezing in the mornings when you wake up.

6. Insomnia and Anxiety OK this is just extra if u cant sleep at all or if you truly want to sleep adn you are not getting there at all. Talk with your doctor maybe he/she can give you something as an aid to be able to sleep but plesae dont fall for another drug just really use it when u need it, another thing that can help you in a natural way is having valerian root you may find this in herbals stores this is super natural and it wont only helo you sleep but also reduce your anxiety significantly.

OK I hope this helps someone! I failed yes but I am going to try again and as many times as I need to get away from this monster called cigarrette.

I wish you luck to all!

One last thing to remmeber: you are here cause you want to be, you and only you are capable of changing. Do it cause you mean it, do it for youserlf cause u love yourself and watn to be better, it is ok to quit thinking about somebody else as your inspiration such as your childer or spouse but the main reason has to be YOU ALWAYS, you are the one who ahs to complete this ride so you and your loved ones can ejoy the fruits after!!!!! [


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