No Smoking Day

God bless you Linda!

I just read in another post about your recent hardships. I hope your son and daughter are ok. Neither of those incidents are easy to get through. I just want to give you a huge pat on the back for not caving in and smoking to help ease the pain. You are a wonderful strong person. Don't forget that! Your kids are very lucky to have a strong supportive role model.

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same goes from me too, Linda your such a strong lady. I wish you and your family all the best. xx


Me too I'll send a virtual hug:):) hope things start to look up for you Linda




Linda, l am so very sorry to hear your terrible news. You and your family seem to have gone through a truly terrible few months. You work SO hard, and you never ever get caught up in the controversy that sometimes goes on here, all you do is give encouragement and help to those in need. You are my inspiration. If you can get through all that you have got through, and still remain QUIT, then l take my hat off to you.

If NSD is looking for a Moderator, then they could do a lot worse than look at your posts. I have never seen you taking "sides", you have always been totally unbiased, and l have never seen you being drawn into any arguements or unpleasantness.


Love Josie XXX


:):):)Just came back online and you lovely people have made my day. Thank you all sooooooooooo very much I dont know what to say so really pleased i have such lovely cyber friends Thank you all. Linda xxxx


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