No Smoking Day

Day 5.. the end is near!

The end of the week that is :D

DAY 5 today! =) and a HUGE thank you to Mojo, Maria, Dave, Angel and everyone else for you continuing support

I had a serious urge to buy cigarettes this morning, becuase:

A)It's payday & B)It's friday

But i knew as long as i kept myself disracted and logged in here i would be ok,

i walked into the shop where i bought cigarettes from in a previous life (deliberately) and walked out with two bottles of Dr. Pepper :)

(my other, less dangerous addiction)

I shall be around the forums today, but i doubt i will be on much (if at all) over the weekend, i may log in briefly on sunday while im nursing a hangover, and laughing in the face of the nicotine demons as they slowly dissapate :D

Does anyone know if as a side effect to giving up smoking, are hangovers less serious? :P

Have an absolutely brilliant day everyone, ESPECIALLY those in Day 5 :D

Stay strong guys!


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