DAY 8 to 11 for me

Things have been going ok but when i smell someone smoking i am like a dog stiffing out a bitch in season why does it smell so good .Not getting very good sleeps i am dreaming all night when I wake up I am soaking wet with sweting like f--k then thats me awake even if its 5 in the morning. Can't get back to sleep but my head is really tired. I feel more tired when iI get up than before I go to bed.Sometimes my brain just does not work eg, trying to pay parking meter never put the ticket in to pay so standing there for 5 minutes putting money in it just coming back out . Says to a member of staff its not working he say put the card in first I have used the machine millions off times before felt like a wright p---k But on good note still not had a fag :)

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  • I think all us non smokers have been there Jay. I too suffered massive sleep deprivation (laying it on thick 'cos thats what us girlies do) and also my head used to be all over the place! But the good news is, things get better! Yeah you're prob sick of hearing that right now but it truly does get better over time. Not as long as you might think either.

    Things will get back to normal soon enough. Keep at it :)

  • Jay

    congratulations on reaching day 8, I too was am a champix quitter, and experienced most of what you have described and more besides, I was quit for at least two weeks and still experiencing side effects, but to me stopping smoking meant more to me then the discomfort the champix was causing. I can now tell you that all the bad bits (for me) stopped after I had been on the tablets for around a month. I am just referring to the general bad bits here i'e not sleeping, being tired, feeling sick etc etc

    If there is anything you are concerned with relating to your health and the champix I would say see your doctor if in doubt they will put you mind at rest.




  • it does get better, the first couple of weeks i was in limbo coz of no sleep, now i sleep like a baby!!

    i still like the smell of a freshly lit cig but detest the smell of a smoker.

    i luv the smell of food too much though now :);)

  • Think that may well have been a slip of the tongue John, I often say the exact same to my friends who still smoke, not knocking any other quit method, just for me it really was that easy.




  • Jay the not remembering what your doing, is that there is now more oxegen getting to your brain, so i have been told, it will get better with time. well done with your quit your doing great. :)

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