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Hi all how are you doing,just a quick post to let you know about my stray puppy I had him at the blue-cross vets last night, he is doing very well know the vet said I could keep him and if anybody said he is there,s I was to give them the vet bill and them report them for the way the dog was left poor thing I gave him a name (Sparten ) he is my first ever dog and my Son loves him how do I get pet insurance ? he,s great I am waiting to go for an operation on my spine so I can,t walk far at all now when I get better he will be great to help me walk again :)Jimbo

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  • Brilliant news Jimbo! And I love the name Spartan :) for pet insurance, but our vets always has lots of leaflets lying around with free introductary offers.

  • Yep Spartan is excellent.... that Doggy ain't gonna get picked on down the park LOL

    well done on your continued quit ;) Dogs costa blimmin fortune so you'll have no choice but to stay off them :p

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