No Smoking Day

Hi Everyone, Im Ok

Hi everyone,

sorry i have'nt been on. been so tired lately. just been put on new time's at

work. i now start at to, and i get up at 4.15am every morning

now. bloodly killing me,

yes im still a non-smoker. doing really well. and now my son-in-law has given

up as well. so yes things are looking good so far. and thanks to everyone on

here for their help and kind words they help me lots truely:)

how are you all doing with your Quit. come and let me know. this form really

does help you:D

take care. best of luck to one & all

...Alan... ;)


Quit Date, 12/3/08

Smoke 35 + a day

2 Month. 2 Weeks. 2 Days

Cigs Save on. 2,726

Money Saved. 729.34p

Life Save. 1 Week. 2 days. 11 hours

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Well done Alan

I also start work at 6 But i am much bwtter in thw mornings. linda xxx


Glad you're still here Alan and things are still good ;)


well done

Well done Alan keep up the good work I read all your post and your a great help to me I may not reply a lot ,but I do miss you when your not posting I know your a winner and will beat the beast good luck ;)Jimbo


thank you all very much. its nice to be missd. your all so kind. next saturday

im going to the biggin-hill airshow, looking forward to it. be back on soon..

take care



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