No Smoking Day
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Hi Team 10

Hello all hope you are all well just a quicky to let you know im still good dont really think about coming here as much now , hope its a good sign :D anyway will pop in from time to time see how you all are .

Lorraine x

I have been quit for 3 Months, 1 Week, 2 Days, 22 hours, 52 minutes and 8 seconds (100 days). I have saved £580.46 by not smoking 2,523 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Week, 1 Day, 18 hours and 15 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 18/01/2008 22:30

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hello team 10 and Lorraine!

99 days for me today (well done cwrd/Jude on reaching 3 digits ;)

I wanted to log on last week but the flaming going on the forum kept me away (I am easily led to participate so avoidance is the best policy :)

I have finallystarted to lose some of those extra pounds I gained (due mainly to my sweet tooth of the early weeks..) and this is due to going to the gym a little more. Attended my first (yes first ever) aerobic class two days ago and never laughed so much as I discovered that 1. I cannot follow instructions and 2. I do not know my left from my right.... Oh well...I may follow the advice given here and invest in the wii fit.

Hope you are all well and again well done xxxxx


Hi Team 10

Good going on the 100 lorraine, jude and cword. Also to you Cat on 99. Not far behind you on 97. It feels great doesn't it.:D:D


Good grief we have some real old folks on this site.

whats the point in stopping when you are nearly 100 Jan (by the way you don't look a day over 70 on your picture;)) :D

:eek: Cheeky B%$£erd me ,so i am!!!!!!

Only kidding you on Jan.

you guys are all doing really well. I am just jealous.

I know you are only kidding John (well you'd better be or else). Could be someone is looking for a kick up the backside again or something similar. Hehehe :D


hello team, nice to see you posting.

to all of you ..... well done on reaching 100! :)




Sorry it took Jude to nudge me into action.

Well done all you one tonners:p

Special wishes to Catmagpie who's been with me from the start!




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