No Smoking Day

1 month

the one bunny who is such a proud member of team 17 made it into the next forum

1 month without a cig or puf - am really proud of myself and have saved already half of the money for the camera with which I amgoing to reward myself.

Mark Skygod - are you still arround - and all the others of the wunderfull team 17

I have been quit for 1 Month, 1 Day, 11 hours, 41 minutes and 36 seconds (32 days). I have saved £129.94 by not smoking 649 cigarettes. I have saved 2 Days, 6 hours and 5 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 25/03/2008 07:25

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Hi Sunny

Well done you should be so proud hope you remembered to give your self one big tread. Linda xxx


well done on month 1 :D

to you all on team 17! whoooopppeeeeeee!!


thanks guys :)

my big tread will be this digital camera - one more month than I can buy it - a further reason to keep me going

have all a great saturday evening :)


I was going to leave this forum with all the goings on elsewhere, but then i came in here and read the post by sunny.

How could i leave when there are people like that on here? Genuinely nice people who want to stop smoking and help others too. It made me come to my senses!

FYI I haven't been drinking LOL. I rarely do since I quit the fags. Now that I think about it those two seemed to go hand in hand.

I enjoy Sunday mornings better when I don't have a stinkin hangover.

Anyway, well done Sunny, proud of you ;) and the other members of my team :p and everyone else here who is genuinely nice :)

Night all x


Thank you Fairy

I am glad you are still here and it's people like you who inspire me still being here:)



Well done SunnySerpent! :D

It hardly seems any time at all since you gave up and now you are into your second month! You'll have that camera in no time at all ! :D

WkFairy - please stick around - there are still a few people here for genuine reasons - I say we ignore all the imbecilic posts - replying to them only gives those morons the attention they are so desperately seeking (saddos! :()

I was even pm'd by one who told me the "real" identity of undercover elephant and chopper - like I really care????????:confused:


Thanks Barbara, I tried to stay out of it for so long but last night i couldn't ignore it any longer. The degrading insults, the threats etc...

When I first clicked on here (all those weeks ago) I saw lots of positive posting and knew straight away that I would deffo quit and i got lots of support on here to do that (six weeks tomorrow!!).

I'm sure anyone looking at the forum this weekend thought No Way am I joining that bunch of morons,!

But then I read the above post by sunny and the red mist lifted and i will be not leaving here because there are so many who are genuine and want to help others.

So Thank You both :):rolleyes:


Aw thanks John, i'm sticking around - I just threw the head up last night but there are more reasons to stay than go.

Hopefully I don't start making death threats or calling people fat etc... but know that if I do I will leave as I know where i'm not wanted lol :D


Congrats Sunnyserpent...:D

Only a few more days to go and I can join you in the 2nd month...

cannot believe got this far...:D

WkdFairy - I echo what John said bout your posts...stay with us..:cool:



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