No Smoking Day


Hi Team,

Did everyone make it ok?

Howz everyone feeling today?

I'm so excited to be here, the days fly by now compared to the start when they dragged. Plus i'm sleeping better too....... no more early starts for me (unless that stupid alarm wakes me up) PLUS, according to my sig i've saved over £100 - yay!!

I've to go to work to make money, see everyone later, congrats x :)

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Congratulations Fairy - fantastic :)

Good inspiration for all of us



Still here! Well done Boss keep it up!

Im feeling ok today, this weeks gonna be a tester for me. My other half is working away this week so is gonna be very stressfull with rushing around on a million buses getting my little girl to nursery then to work and all the way back again and having to do everything at home by myself (not that he helps much anyway!LOL).

Also night out on Sat for my birthday, but got the herbal fags at the ready for that night. Gonna try and get a sitter so I can keep going to the gym to keep me going!

Hows everyone else?


Still here as well, but I do struggle sometimes. You'd think it would be getting easier? Anyway, plenty of encouragement from the forum members, which has really helped, and the thought of parting with five or six quid a day keeps my resolve strong!

Well done to everyone. Keep up the great work.


You better not smoke or me and the girls (and boy) will be round to kick your a$$ out of it. You know the illusion of smoking is better than the real thing....

Anyhoo, good to see the gangs all here (somewhere, at least they were yesterday :rolleyes:)

Congrats to all you 'newbies', you know we're all behind you (us hardened ex-smokers of team 17 lol)


just a newbie who gives congratulations to team 17 :D


Aw thank you, and congrats to you too.............


HIya Team 17

First time in 20 years I have made it to the 3rd week! Feels good. Two things have motivated me. The first was the money front as that is not what I stopped for, it was for my health. Second, was the video that was posted regarding that women in hospital. It still sticks in my head because I want a least a chance if you know what I mean. Anyway, been a long day, glad to hear evryone is ok. HUGS


I watched it too and it will stay with me for a very long time. Who wants to die like that?? Self inflicted makes it so much worse. WE can blame the tobacco companies but nobody ever lit me a cigarette and made me smoke it, better still I paid for the things. They should show that video in schools.

Well done Dunny! :D


Right Team 17 - sign yer names!


Is everyone doing ok? No deep depressions followed by chainsmoking please! :D


Still hanging on in there!'s getting better...touch wood!


Hi Team

Still here, just been to my group session which was good again. Everyone from team17 doing ok?


Hi Team

Glad to hear you're all ok.

I do believe it's day 17 - :eek::D

Can't believe i've gone this long without smoking. BUT I did have the compulsory smoking dream last night, one where I lit up out of habit and didn't realise until I was half way down it. I was disgusted with myself and worried about coming in here and telling everyone! :rolleyes:

You can imagine my relief when I woke,

Don't like to go on about it but I LOVE BEING A NON-SMOKER!!

Have a lovely day everyone xx


Hy folks, still here.... don't seem to think about ciggies quite as much and am able to have more than 2 glasses of red wine now and still not wanting one!!

I just wondered will the day come that I don't want a chewing gum? x


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