No Smoking Day

smoking and drinking

Am I the only person in the world, that prefers to have a couple of glasses a vino in the evening.

Instead of fancying a fag - I just feel better that atleast I am having something naughty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cream cake or biscuit doesnt do it for me ... I don't like sweet things.

And yes I like dry vino not sweet, and red not white.

If no vino a guiness.

Monday to Thursday I allow myself one guiness per evening.

Friday to sunday, two glasses of red wine per night (I think that keeps me within the units allowed, gulp)

If we should go out (not often - two children - no babysitters) there is no limit - naughty naughty.

Think of all that iron .... thats my excuse .....

Bottoms up .....

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Your not alone Annette. Ive been known to have a dram or two of single malt from time to time:D




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