This is IT!

I had my last smoke right before bed last night, around midnight.

I've prepared myself for a week for this day. Read a book, Chantix and just mentally preparing myself for what I might feel or go through.

It's only mid morning, but it's not going too bad. Instead of heading to the garage for my first thing out of bed smoke, I went and watched American Justice. Twice already, I felt myself wanting to head to the garage (out of habit) and just reminded myself TODAY IS THE DAY, and made myself do something else.

The only thing that won't go away is that "twinge/craving" (not sure how to describe it) in my cheeks.

Holding strong. Cheeks....'shut up'

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  • what country you in gracie, it's mid afternoon here in the UK.

    I spoke to people on champix/chantix said it was great for them, still got to break the habit though.

    wishing you well.

    stay strong, stay focused, stay clean, stay healthy, stay SMOKE FREE!!

  • what country you in gracie, it's mid afternoon here in the UK.

    I'm in the US. I always forget about other people's time zones.

    10:45 am and still strong.

    ps. The links in your sig are excellent.

  • keep going, it willl be 1045 on the PM before you know it.

  • Well done Grace

    congrats on your quit things will be odd the first few days. keep posting and stay strong. linda xxxxxxxxxxx

  • How you doing Gracie?

  • How you doing Gracie?

    6:20 PM Hanging in there. Worst of today has been after meals. I feel anxious sometimes, but just busy myself with something. It was warm today so the kiddos and I went outside. Just staying busy and reminding myself what I'm doing it for.

  • You are doing great! Soon you'll be many days in and things will be better!

  • That's what I'm holding out for.

  • Gracie, one thing is certain, EAT rather than SMOKE, you feel like you gonna smoke, nibble on something, i gained nearly 8 pounds in my first week (SERIOUSLY), now i am down 2 pounds and after 9 days am in much better control of my eating.

    you will be able to deal with the weight after, which is what i was worried about - day 1 -7 you may eat a lot more than normal, just eat and don;t feel guilty as long as you don;t smoke - deal with the weight later.

    stay strong stay cool and


    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Don't SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Day 10 for me tomorrow, been through a rollercoaster of emotions and don;t think it's over yet, however i DON'T SMOKE which is coming through slowly but surely.

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