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No Smoking Day
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day 4

Well I never thought I'd reach here, yesterday wasn't to bad I was very tired by bed time, I didn't use a patch just drank loads of water all day, but I did need some low strength about 10pm. I think to day may be different because I felt the need for a little gum when I woke up. Cough still there, and tummy full of gas, could be the gum or all the extra fruit and veg.

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Well done Cooper, you are doing Grrrrrreat ! :D

It's probably the gum that's causing the gas, although I had to cut out the green grapes I was taking to work for the same reason :o

I just eat them at home now and blame the dogs :D

Keep it up, it just gets better and better!

Day 12

240 fags not smoked (Yuch, what a thought - that lot in an ashtray! )

£60 approx in my hip pocket ;)

Mental note to self: re-install QuitMeter


well done , the dreaded day 3 is over!

keep nrt with you just incase

i do think gum causes gas :eek: well, thats my excuse :D



Thanks for that advice about the apples, I would normally have wine on a Saturday night while watch a dvd with the hubby, but may not bother worried incase it makes my cravings bad, I think I'll give it a rest until the following week, that way I've got nearly two weeks under my belt.



Cider Hmmmmmmmm:D must remember that


Great to hear you're hanging in there cooper :D Just a thought, are you giving your blood sugar little boosts during the day?? (healthily of course!) Every time we smoke, some chemical or other in the fag gets a release of sugar dumped into our bloodstream, then when we try and stop smoking, the lower sugar levels not only make us want to eat more but also we can mistake our bodies telling us they want more sugar for a crave to smoke.

Apples are very high in natural sugars, try eating an apple when you get a crave and I'll bet you anything that'll sort you out :)

Remember my mantra about knowledge is ammunition...?

The "chemical or other" you're thinking of is our old stimulating friend, "Nic o'Tine and the amazing glucose adrenaline combo"

If you're still co-habiting with Nic your blood sugar will be the same as usual so don't go tripping on mars-bars or anything.

If you've kicked Nic into touch then yes, you're not going to get the rush that your smoking brought but whether you need to replicate it is a moot point.

Still eating lots of apples is no bad thing. :)


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