No Smoking Day

day 19 .... weird one

well i been waiting for this day to come i am not wanting or gagging for a fag.. but for the first time since stopping i been thinking and talkin about them a lot today :rolleyes: Mmmmmmm hoping i dont start wantin one..:eek: and i have been working out an stuff to fill up my time. but today i have ate stuff i havent touched purposely since quittin the fags.. ie foods that make you put on weight.. coz the last time i quit for just over a year but i started again.. an the main reason was i piled on so much weight and my thoughts were i would rather smoke than have the weight problem.. so i dont wanna go down that route either.. oh dear im rambling now.. so gonna close this hopefully tomorrow will be a better day...

tx for listening


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hi Katie, and welcome , wow day 19 :) you are doing so well

as for the weight , one thing at a time, most people have put it on :(

in 6 month time we will have a slimming club :rolleyes:

sorry this reply is late, i work long days a couple of times a week!


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