No Smoking Day

Day 1 - Failure

Well it all started off so well. Had my last fag at 11.30 last night and got up this morning as a non smoker again. Had a couple of tricky moments through the day but nothing too unbearable. Then at about 5 o'clock this afternoon my brain left the building and I got in the car, went to the garage and bought 10 fags. WHY WHY WHY??? What's wrong with me. I know I don't want to smoke any more, I wasn't even struggling that badly and yet still I went and got some. I kind of felt like I was on autopilot. The first one out of the box I didn't even want that much once it was lit. Yet still I have had another 4 since then.

Has this happened to anyone else? What did you do? Where do I go from here? Should I try again tomorrow or am I not ready to quit?

Just don't know what to do. So disappointed with myself :confused::(

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In your own time Nellie ....

You need to want to, knowing you want to is a start


New starter motor ;)

1st day is hardest, easy to panic or think it's ok I did this yesterday another day will make no difference!

Onwards and upwards x x x

Go again and you'll get through x x


Thanks everyone.

Going to try again. Have thrown away cigs I bought earlier - soaked under tap and screwed up into pieces so I can't do any bin raiding (yuk).




Try again, you will quit with that positive attitude.:):):)


There's no shame and you are not a failure in not succeding the first time, or even the second, third, fourth, fifth etc etc etc etc. Thers only failure in not trying again.

Good luck for today, were all with you :)


bin raiding (yuk).

Glad it wasn't just me that did that.....:(


:)Nelli, I think we've all been there at one time or another.. I know I certainly have. Don't get stressed about it - what you're planning to do is tough whichever way you choose to do it. I think the fact that you're coming back here and talking about it has got to be the most positive thing. Don't rush this, your time will come and then you'll be off like a rocket into non-smokedom never to look back!;)


Nellie, Your not on your own. I did the exact same thing last week and the week before and before that. It is so hard to just make that decision. Even though we know it is what we want to do. It is pure evil. All you can do is keep trying. ;)


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