No Smoking Day

charlenes home

Hi all, just checking in on day one. Ive been up since 7.45am and by 8am I was already craving.

feeling fidgety and irritable, hubby keeps carping at me and i just want to be left alone and not be spoken to, is that too much to ask?

Cravings are hitting me quite hard at the mo, but Im determind not to give in, the morning ciggy was the one I found hard last time round, so its just a case of sitting it out.

Glad to be home guys, (deep down, hehehehehe) ;)

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Great to see ya back charlene! Stick with us! You can kick this for ever!!!!:):)


Hi Charlene and welcome back! Hope it gets easier soon - I'm sure it will!

Can you do a Marlene Dietrich accent with the back of your hand on your forehead "I vant to be alone" - that should work!:D

Stick with it:)


*hugs* charlene

Welcome home hun x x x

Just a few hard days and then you'll see the light again x x x x x x

You so can do this and you will do it!!

Hang tight and stay strong x x

~Buffy x x


Hi Charlene, lovely to see you again!

You'll do it this time, last time was just a practice run to help you identify when things need to be approached differently. Good luck - (you wont need it by the way cos your strong) and just tell hubby to keep out of your way for a couple of days....


welcome back Charlene.

Don't forget 1 hour at time. You've done it before and you can def do it again.


Thanks everyone for the support, I must admit it feels worse than last time, but I took myself to thorntons for a white hot choc and some cake to cheer myself up, and went and picked a new bathroom, floor and tiles which I estimate I will be able to afford in two months, in place of my fag money! cant wait, gonna finish the kitchen after that so theres no excuse!

hey hey boudee, great to see you here again, told you I would stick to it! :D

feels good to be back here, minus the smoking guilt I have had since I was back on the fags.

ploughing on towards day two, I know I have a rocky few weeks ahead, but my brand spanking new bathroom should keep me going eh? :D

ps- well done everyone else thats done so well and come so far, and to those who have come back after succumbing, I found the hardest part of quitting was actually deciding today was the day, coz it would of been so easy to just say Ill do it tomorow, as Ive done so many times, but here we all are going strong! :)

charlene xx :D


Hi Babe so great to have you back we will all do this together Linda xxxxxxx


so true, cheers Linda! hope evrything is ok youre side, its been a while, great to see youre still here and going strong!

charlene x :)


will do mate, Ive picked out the tiles, suite, taps and floor and its gorgeous!

After the bathroom, comes the kitchen and then a new fireplace so that should keep me going! :D


Well done your doing fab x Its good to think of other things to spend the money on.


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