No Smoking Day

Tomorrow makes a month!!

:o well i have amazed myself these last few weeks. I've attended wild parties with friends and been landed in every possible situation, smoking ciggies wise, and I have not succumbed and I was the world's worst when it comes to will power and temptation. I don't know what the hell has changed with me except i just don't want or fancy a cigarette. The other day i got really stressed, I was in the middle of an argument, and straight away grabbed a friends ciggie and lit it.;) But I looked at it in my fingers and it looked foreign and weird so i put it out . I know now I can do this...:D 43 years of smoking and I pack in end of......bye and good luck to all xx

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Hi Rozcka53

Sounds like you are really ready to quit. This time it was the same for me. I knew after a week that it was for good.

Keep it up mate.

Happy new year.:)



You sound like you have cracked it Hope I feel like that this time. Good luck to you and a happy new smoke free year Linda xxxxxxx


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